Clay & Oak Design is a full service interior design studio based in Kamloops, British Columbia, founded by Cristalee Brinkworth

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Who We Are

At Clay & Oak Design we specialize in custom residential projects with services ranging from interior design for new homes to whole room redesigns. We get inspired by context and the foundation of our work is our relationship with our clients. We want our client's home to reflect their style and lifestyle preferences. Working with that context, we develop a complete holistic design giving our clients peace of mind and space to enjoy their design process.

Clay and Oak Design

Kamloops Interior Designer

Our Process


  • Consultation

  • Proposal

  • Client Interview


  • Presentation

  • Revisions


  • Review

  • Administer

  • Team Assist

  • Troubleshoot

Project Close

  • Finishing Touches

  • Client Appreciation

Our Team

Cristalee Brinkworth, Principal Designer

Founder of Clay & Oak Design, Cristalee has been designing since 2015.


Known for her modern-casual style and her attention to detail, Cristalee has a passion for expertly designing inspirational homes that breathe authenticity to her clients.​

Growing up rurally in the Kamloops area, she developed a strong appreciation for local and expertly crafted finishes. Cristalee holds dear to the craftsman's stories of their trade and thrives on their expertise to develop ideas for her projects.

Cristalee lives with her husband Teague, their two daughters Mikayla and Amber, and fur baby Piper on a small acreage in the community of Kamloops, BC.

"I'm obsessed with natural materials.  They age beautifully just like humans."

Christine Raymer, Administrative Assistant